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Tween Town is the 10th episode of season 2 and the 31st episode overall. It aired on April 11, 2003 on Disney Channel.


Penny and her friends sneak into a nightclub that exclusively for teens. Oscar and Trudy find out that their daughter lied to them and Penny and her friends all get grounded. Angered, Penny wishes that every parent on earth would disappear. Al Roker hears her wish and grants it. The children all have the time of their lives until they start missing their parents.


Penny, who is said to be the best Double Dutcher in town, wins a jump rope game with Dijonay and Zoey as her turners. After a hearty boast, LaCienega comes up to inform the girls that Al Roker is opening a tween nightclub. But, knowing very well that their parents (especially Oscar) won't let them go because of boys, decide to lie by telling them they are going to Juicy's Juice Bar.

Later that night, Oscar drops the girls off at Juicy's, telling them that he is going to pick them up at 10:00. Penny and her relieved friends change into different outfits and meet Duke, Sticky, Micheal and Omar in the club. But before they can dance, Al Roker himself shows up to inform his clients that the club will close at 11:00. Even so, Penny and her friends dance the night away. Unfortunately, it is cut short when Trudy and Oscar learn from Juicy that she hasn't had a customer all night, telling them about Roker's club. The Proud parent rush right over to the club and embarrass Penny and the others for lying to them.

Oscar and Trudy punish and discipline Penny, ultimately forcing her to become a scullery maid in her own home. Even after an extensive list of chores, they refuse to let Penny watch a movie with them. Even Suga Mama supports their cause, reminding them of the time she punished Oscar so many times that he “grew roots”. After an off-screen punch from Mama for contradicting her, the “faceless” Oscar orders Penny back to her room. Distraught, Penny throws herself onto the bed and cries: “I can't stand them! None of them! Mama, Daddy, Suga Mama, no adults! I wish they all were gone.”

Suddenly, the TV turns on and Penny discovers that she can talk to Al Roker through her TV and later on through her computer screen. Roker reveals via his card that he is some kind of genie who can grant wishes under the terms of a contract. He asks Penny if she really wishes of there weren't any adults. “Yeah, starting with you,” Penny glares. He then has her sign a contract so that the magic can work and when Penny goes downstairs to check on Trudy, Oscar and Suga Mama, she finds them to be nowhere in sight. Dijonay and a couple of other kids arrive at Penny's front door to tell her that the adults are gone.


  1. This is one of two episodes that can be watched on the Game Boy Advance, the other being "Twins To Tweens".


Penny: I can't stand them! None of them! Momma, Daddy, Sugar Momma! No adults! I wish they all were gone!

Al Roker: Today is a beautiful day, nationwide. Except for Penny Proud's house. Where weather forcasts of overcast skies and punishment.