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The Proud Family Quiz is a quiz based on the characters from The Proud Family. It was available on the official website prior to its shutdown.


The quiz is a series of questions with multiple-choice answers. You have time to read and understand the subject, and after that, click on the answer that you think that suits you the best. You can change your mind before going to the next question and pick another answer. Every question will be about a situation in which you have to choose what you will do. At the end of the quiz, read your result and find out what your personality is like. When the quiz game is over, you can play again and get another final answer.


"Let's see what you know about the Proud Family"

  • Have Penny's twin siblings ever been turned into teenagers?
    • A. Yes
    • B. No
  • What is the name of sugar mama's dog?
    • A. Oscar
    • B. Puff
    • C. Sticky
    • D. Penny
  • Penny always wears?
    • A. Purple clothing
    • B. Orange clothing
    • C. Red clothing
    • D. Blue clothing
  • Penny did what to get her parents back from Al Roker?
    • A. Jumped Rope
    • B. Reading
    • C. Dancing
    • D. Swimming
  • Who is Penny's father?
    • A. Oscar
    • B. Bobby
    • C. Duke
    • D. Trudy
  • In the year book, Penny was voted most likely to succeed?
    • A. True
    • B. False
  • What was the name of the band Penny and her friends were in?
    • A. LPDZ
    • B. PLZD
    • C. Spice Girls
    • D. Penny the Backround Singers
  • Dijonay has a crush on Sticky?
    • A. Yes
    • B. No
  • Zoey is the most popular girl in school?
    • A. Yes
    • B. No
  • Trudy is a?
    • A. Vet
    • B. Sales person
    • C. Lawyer
    • D. Janitor