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Sicuan "Sticky" Webb[3] is one of the main characters on the original 2001 version of The Proud Family series.


Sticky is a short African American teenage boy, being only a bit below Dijonay in height. He wears a blue jacket with the collar showed up, a light greyish blue (white in the revival) t-shirt, baggy blue jeans, and dark brown shoes. He also wears a dark brown beanie and thin sunglasses (became a light shade in the revival) worn narrowed down.


He is Penny's best male friend who acts like a cool dude while also being very intelligent. In Bring It On[4], he warns Penny about The Gross Sisters' plan of getting rid of LaCienega Boulevardez by pulling a prank that would injure her and cause her not to be able to win the last spot on the cheerleading team. Throughout the series, he is stalked and harrassed by Dijonay Jones who has a huge crush on him. Though he does have feelings for her, he only let them show once in Surf and Turf. He is tech-savy; knowinmg a lot about computers and has built his own gadgets on his spare time. Sticky's is heartbroken when he learns his parents are getting a divorce and temporarily resorts to deliquent behavior to try and cope with it which involved following a gang called The Altos.[5] Sticky is very good at figuring things out, like puzzles and anything involving technology. As shown in The Proud Family Movie [6], his cousin, who is a rapper named Fifteen Cent, parody of hip-hop rapper 50 Cent, voiced by singer Omarion (part of B2K).

In the first episode of the revival (New Kids on the Block), Sticky officially leaves Smithville, California to establish himself in another city in Japan, after the Leibowitz-Jenkins' family move in. He wrote a note stating that his father explained that he could stay with his cousins but instead he decided to go to Japan with him in order to get away from Dijonay. The last we see of him is him in a car flashing a peace sign at the gang as he drives off.



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  • Sticky has the same role as Cornelius Fillmore from Fillmore and they are both voiced by Orlando Brown (star of Disney Channel's That's So Raven), in the revival, he did not reprise the role, due to his troubled life.
  • Sticky is not present in Louder and Prouder. We are unsure why, although, it may have been because of his voice actor, Orlando Brown, getting into numerous legal issues between 2016-2018. Due to Brown's depart from Disney overall, they wrote him off the show, aside from a quick non-speaking cameo in the first episode. Although, co-creator Bruce W. Smith had explained to TVLine, "We always wanted to expand out the world. In doing that, sometimes you have to revisit where characters are going and how we can bring in new characters." - Smith to TVLine.