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“She's Got Game”
Season 1, Episode 7
Air Date

October 19, 2001


Doreen Spicer


Douglas McCarthy

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"She's Got Game" is the seventh episode in season 1 of The Proud Family. It first aired on October 19, 2001.


Penny's efforts to impress a boy at school land her on the football team; and Oscar develops a new snack food called jelly poppers.

Episode Summary

After a game of football between girls and boys, Penny signs up for football that Oscar forbids her from doing. After a court order set up by Zoey's mom, Penny was on the team but Coach Colins refuses to let her in. Meanwhile as Oscar was handing out his new brand of Proud Snax, Suga Mama goes wacky by tackling Dijonay Jones for the megaphone and yells "PUT MY GRANDBABY IN THE GAME!" and everyone supported her in her action of demand. Penny was finally playing but after scoring many touchdowns she got injured. At the dance she was with one of her teammates that Oscar threatens to kill.

Memorable Quotes

Penny: No, why did I drop it! No, no. . .
Oscar: Let it out, baby girl.
Penny: I was so close, I could have won the game . . .
Trudy: Oh, Penny, you won so much more. You won so much more.

Oscar: There's no pain like football.
Trudy: What about child birth?
Oscar: (muttering) Well, okay that's worst, but I'm not signing a permission slip for that either.



  • When the Frankie and his boys bombards the girls with all the footballs, Sticky's hat is blue when he's laughing at them.
  • When Penny tries to catch the football at the end of the game and misses, it shows her at the end of the end zone with the ball outside the end zone. Then, a little later, when her parents are over there, she's on the ground just past the beginning of the end zone with the ball in front of her, also in the end zone.