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Percy Proud (1917-1988) was the late husband of Suga Mama and the father of Oscar and Bobby Proud.


As it is revealed in Teacher's Pet during the 1940's, Percy Proud arrived with with some of the Tuskegee Airmen (who Penny thought was one, until Suga Mama revealed he was the guy who changed the tires on the planes) where a young Suga Mama falls for him, unfortunately her best friend Gertie Dinkins also fall for Percy and try to ask him to dance, but Suga Mama intervene and said that she's his dance. Just as the Darnell Sisters along with Rubber Legs Louie begin to to take stage and Suga Mama and Gertie grabbed Percy and the trio won the dance contest. Later Percy then ask the girl if they want any soda, which they spotted him $0.10 each. Upon leaving, Percy did not know that Suga Mama and Gertie played head or tails to see which one of them would end up with him, with Suga Mama winning. Later Percy and Suga Mama walk down the aisle and became husband and wife.

Percy and Suga Mama had two children, Oscar Proud, and Bobby Proud.

Percy died in 1988, roughly a year and a half after the birth of his first grandchild Penny Proud at the age of 71.


Percy bears a striking resemblance to his son Oscar, but has a gap in his two front teeth and wearing a zoot suit.


  • He and Suga Mama took Bobby on vacations while leaving Oscar at home.
  • Penny refers to him as "Granddaddy Proud".