Oscar Proud
Full Name

Oscar Jackson Proud



Date of Birth

May 18, 1966 (37-years-old)

Resides in

1433 Kelly Rd. Wizville, CA

Eye Color


Hair Color



Trudy Proud (wife)
Penny Proud, BeBe and CeCe (children)
Percy Proud (deceased father)
Suga Mama (mother)
Bobby Proud (brother)
Papi Boulevardez (stepfather)


Trudy Proud (wife)


Felix Boulevardez


Willy T. Ribbs Middle School (8th-10th grade)

First Episode

"Bring It On"

Last Episode

"Psycho Duck"
"The Proud Family Movie"

Portrayed By

Tommy Davidson



Oscar Jackson Proud is Penny, BeBe and CeCe's over-protective father who is considered a loser by many. He is the longtime rival of mogul Wizard Kelly. He is the owner of a factory named Proud Snacks (which makes anybody who eats them sick except Peabo, who is the only person who likes them. Once, Penny tried them on Halloween and became a real superhero!!!). Penny shows early signs of this as well, and Suga Mama repeatedly makes references to Penny "taking after her daddy". He loves his wife and his family very much, but has a strong weakness for beautiful women, often finding himself in situations where he has the opportunity to cheat on his wife, but is always caught by a furious Trudy before anything happens. In spite of his rivalry with Wizard Kelly, he does enjoy coming and going to his stores and restaurant for his amusement.

Some running gags throughout the series is Oscar getting into trouble, causing trouble, people complaining about his nasty snacks, getting into arguments, and getting hurt by Suga Mama when he insults her who has no respect for him. In reality, Oscar's heart has suffered deep wounds from his childhood; Sugar Mama and his father always favored Bobby over him and did almost everything together. However, despite their constant antagonistic relationship, Oscar and Suga Mama DO love each other.

It's unknown why he just doesn't improve his snack recipe, though he does often try to at times.

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