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"Old Towne Road Part 1" is the tenth episode of The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder. It premiered on April 20, 2022, on Disney+. It is the first part of a multi-part episode


When Trudy tracks Suga Mama's family to Oklahoma, the Prouds head to the family rodeo, where Suga Mama's hurtful history will be revealed. Oscar discovers he's a natural cowboy.


Trudy shows her daughter Penny that she is tracing her family roots on the "Where My People At?" app. It shows that she has some family not only in California but in Texas, Oregon and other states. Oscar laughs saying how the Parkers sure got around. Penny then notices that the Parkers lineage goes all the way to Africa. Penny wonders where The Prouds come from, and Oscar tells her that they are descendants of African kings and queens. However, the search results only show Oscar, Bobby, and Suga Mama in California.

The next day, an exhausted Trudy mentions that she finally discovered Oscar's lineage. Although, the search cost them a thousand dollars. Trudy further reveals that Suga Mama's real name is actually Charlette, and the Proud's lineage can be traced to Oklahoma. This shocks Oscar, who mentions that he only knew Ray Ray on his father's side. When Suga Mama hears about this, she stands up and says angrily that she doesn't want to talk about it.

Shortly thereafter, they receive an invitation stating: "Dear Charlette, we would be delighted to see you and your family our yearly 'Towne Family Gathering' three weeks from today in Towne, Oklahoma. Trudy takes it as a sign, and decides that they are all going. But Suga Mama says she will not going back to Oklahoma; now or never. In the end, they strap her to the top of the car, and go on a family road-trip to Oklahoma anyway.

On the road, Penny is talking to her boyfriend Kareem, who tells her he wishes she was going to D.C. with him and the rest of the class. He promises to call her later as LaCienega shows up on screen and takes Kareem away. Not long after, the Prouds arrive in Towne, Oaklahome, but it looks quite deserted.

Eventually, they come across a human statue of who appears to be Suga Mama's grandfather. Not long after, they are stopped by some of the locals, who tell them they must leave unless their last name is Towne, as they are on private property. However, an older man recognizes Suga Mama, and ends up reminding her that the last thing he told her was that he never wanted to see her face again.

Before they can leave, Myrtle stops the Prouds from leaving, and invites them to the family gathering. Surprisingly, Oscar rescues BeBe from a bull using some rope skills.

Despite winning all of the family events, Suga Mama's father tells her she will not be allowed to be in the rodeo, as nothing has changed since she was kicked out.

Years earlier, a younger Suga Mama is watching one of her brothers crying while on top of Hurricane the bull. She shos off riding the bull expertly for the junior rodeo competion. But her father is not amused. He tells her that no girls are allowed, and she should go in the house,and cook dinner because he is hungry.

In the present day, Suga Mama lets one tear slip out of one of her eyes and then accompanied by Puff, she walks away from the Towne Ranch.



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  • The title of the episode is a reference and play of Lil Nas X's 2019 song, Old Town Road (featuring Billy Ray Cyrus). Both the singer (who plays June Bug) and the song are featured.
  • This is the first episode in the franchise Dijonay is absent.