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"New Kids on the Block" is the first episode of The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder. It premiered on February 23, 2022, alongside the series' second episode, on Disney+.[1]


Penny's world is turned upside down when two new kids, Maya and her brother KG, move into the neighborhood and immediately re-shuffle the fragile status quo. Meanwhile, Oscar is busy making a new invention of gum.


A mysterious light causes Penny and her friends to suddenly become teenagers overnight, with Michael embracing his pride, Zoey only getting taller, and a saddened LaCienega getting acne and facial hair. When they go to see Sticky, they discover that he has moved away to establish in another city in Japan and instead the house is occupied by the Leibowitz-Jenkinses. Penny tries to befriend the kids, Maya and KG, but Maya blows her off. Meanwhile, Oscar's incensed at the fact that Penny's becoming a woman and tries everything to keep her conservative. Penny tries a variety of ways to get Maya to like her, but she tells her that she does not like her because she's superficial. Taking her words to heart, Penny sneaks away from the school dance to help Maya save Shuggie the panda, only to learn that he does not want to be saved. When Maya insists otherwise, Penny calls her superficial and returns to the dance, with Maya conceding. Oscar arrives when he realizes that Penny's dressed up for the dance, she forces him to sit down so she can tell him that she's becoming a woman. He finally accepts this as Penny dances with KG.





  • The episode introduces new characters Barry Leibowitz-Jenkins and his adoptive children Maya and KG.
  • When Sugar Mama notices Penny wearing armor, she asks why she is dressed like Darth Vader.
  • Michael later calls LaCienega Chewbacca. (Which LaCienega mistakes as a reference to "Chupacabra".)
  • The episode reveals Michael to be gay as it is explicitly stated that he has no interest in girls.
  • Michael references the "What are those?" video from Young Busco when referring to Penny's shoes.
  • Shuggie the Panda is named after Shuggie Otis, who originally sang the song "Strawberry Letter 23".
  • This episode reveals that Sticky Webb moved away.
  • In one scene , the frame of Michael Collins‘s glasses are pink when they are supposed to be black.