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Michael Collins[3] is a recurring character from The Proud Family. He Penny’s very close and flamboyant friend. In the place of his best friend Sticky, he is upgraded to being the main supporting male character in the revival series, The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder and undergoes a substantial redesign.


Michael is a 14-year-old African American boy.

In the original series, he was lanky and somewhat short, had black hair in a short Afro, and large front teeth with a gap. He wore a oversized light grey shirt that exposed his shoulders, dark blue shorts, a light grey headband, and black and white sneakers and socks. His outfit later became shades of purple, and his hair became light brown.

In the revival, Michael's appearance changes the most drastically out of the whole cast. He’s now much taller, being the second tallest out of Penny's friend group behind Zoey, he no longer has an overbite or tooth gap, and he now has a gender non-confirming appearance in terms of his clothing and hairstyle. He also has more prominent lips and eyelashes,

His main outfit is a black shirt with a white collar and sleeve cuffs, burgundy jeans with black suspenders worn loose around the hips, grey boots, and large grey glasses. His hair is grown out while wearing a Mohawk, but accented with cornrows and are mostly dyed pink.

He has also been seen wearing a few other outfits and hairstyles.


Michael is Penny's flamboyant friend. He acts very effeminate and loves fashion. Because of that, he gets made fun of constantly. His father who is a coach and gym teacher is embarrassed by him. Penny's male friend, and is a good fashion designer and basketball player. He is also a choreographer. In public, he is forced to call his father "Coach" instead of "Daddy." Michael's father is the coach at Willie T. Ribbs Middle School. He was constantly bullied. Despite constantly being bullied for his awkwardness, Michael is a blatant trash talker and often makes everyone laugh.

Despite his trash talking ways, Michael is very kind and helpful, willing to help LaCienega with “fixing her face” and make her look fabulous again in the new series. He also tried to help Penny out with her outfit when her father was forcing her to wear a navy suit.

It is revealed in "Who You Callin' a Sissy", that Michael is a bit more emotional than he is played out to be, claiming that he comes home crying after getting bullied relentlessly. So even with his flamboyant personality, he can be quite the sensitive one.

In the original series, Michael was shown to be naive and couldn’t always understand social cues. In the first episode alone, he waved his hand energetically during cheer tryouts, while everyone else was still and looking at him, and he(Michael) didn’t understand how much he stood out. In his prominent episode, “Who You Callin’ a Sissy”, Michael instantly trusted Sticky when he asked him to hang out, even though he was hanging out with Tookie, who was harassing him at the time. Though he lost most of it, Michael retains some of his naivety in the revival, trusting in himself and sometimes others easily.

The new series confirms that Michael is gay. At the end of the episode "New Kids on the Block" he acknowledges and seems pleased by the fact that other boys seem to be into Francis' dancing alone by saying "That's what's up." Later, Michael grabs one of the boys surrounding Francis and is seen slow dancing with them.

Out of all of Penny's friends, Michael is the only one who is least likely to go against her. For example, when Zoey, Dijonay, and LaCienega all go against her to sit with Maya and KG because of their two dads, Michael doesn’t back away from the idea, and goes along with her to comfort Maya and KG. When Penny saw that Maya and KG were being harassed by The Gross Sisters, Penny was only confused when it seemed like Michael didn’t want to help them (indicating that Michael is probably Penny’s most loyal friend).

In, "When You Wish Upon a Rocker", when Michael becomes a sophomore in college, he’s become more meek, and more of a pushover, especially when Djonay yells at him. In the same episode, Michael is not as confident as he was when he was 14, looking embarrassed while dancing to a song in their college front porch.

In the original series, Michael was quite soft spoken. This was probably due to the fact that he was constantly bullied for his awkwardness, and didn’t know how to stand up for himself. But after, “Who You Callin’ A Sissy” Michael’s voice became more upbeat and energetic due to his boost of confidence after standing up for himself. This is more shown in the revival series.

In the original series, Michael was really reserved when it came to talking about bullies, and was really sweet to everyone, even though some of them weren’t nice to him. Because of him bottling up his emotions, he had an outburst in “Who You Callin’ a Sissy” and began using physical violence to “stop” the bullying. He was being fully naive to the fact that he was being bullied and dealt with, but it's not the best way is achievable.

In the revival series, he can be very overzealous and sometimes a bit snide. He is constantly making snarky remarks about the others, which sometimes they don’t take too kindly to.

Even though Michael can be really snarky, he is still very nice to everyone he comes across, and will be very loyal to his friends.

Social Life

Michael is upbeat usually, makes his friends laugh, and brings life to any party. It's very easy to become fond of Michael, even if his jokes can be quite silly, and a bit snarky. His friends live for this. Especially Penny, Dijonay, LaCienega, and Zoey. His best friend is Sticky Webb.

Penny Proud

Michael has developed into a very close friend of Penny's over time. It all began in large part due to the both of them being close with Sticky. They both tried out for the cheer team in "Bring It On" when Dijonay was captain. Originally, Penny and Michael were simply cordial, but then gradually began hanging out more and more. He served as the group's choreographer when they formed LPDZ and was largely responsible for them winning the Hip-Hop Helicopter dance contest. Michael also has a tendency to tell jokes that make her and the rest of the group laugh profusely and Penny becomes more drawn to this. He also becomes more and more resourceful, designing wardrobes for Penny, such as her presidential outfit in "Election". After Penny learned about the bullying he goes through, she became protective of him and began encouraging him to stand up for himself more often. Meanwhile, Michael encourages and helps her to develop a better fashion sense. Penny sometimes gets flustered by his antics with trying to perfect everything, like when he brought a dancing suit and ribbon to her presentation about her homeless teacher, but she doesn't let it bother her too much. Michael is also very loyal to Penny, going along with her plans, and rarely goes against her, or her ideas. He is arguably her most reliable companion and is always happy to help. Overall, they have a healthy relationship.

LaCienega Boulevardez

Michael and LaCienega have had a complex relationship but have grown to become extremely close. Michael once teased LaCienega for her big feet, and never apologized for it because he thought it was just playful and harmless, but LaCienega is sensitive about her body and ended up holding a grudge against him for it. LaCienega, however isn't innocent herself. In the original series, they both had crushes on each other and agreed to attend the Willie T. Ribbs Checkered Flag Dance together in which he had designed matching outfits for himself and LaCienega to wear to the event in her favorite color 'red'. But Michael was being teased by his peers so badly that LaCienega became embarrassed to be near him and broke his heart. She canceled their date and said the dress he designed was great, "but you're not!" Though she immediately felt bad for hurting his feelings, he couldn't handle the pressure of being bullied so ruthlessly that day and unleashed his anger on her and everyone else who hurt him by changing into a monster. After learning how this affected him, she apologizes not by saying "I'm sorry", but instead by asking him once again to dance with her; to which he gladly accepts. In the revival series, Michael comes out as homosexual, but he LaCienega remain close and have excellent chemistry. Though they are both sensitive and have a tendency to stuff down their deepest feelings, they are open with one another and call each other out on a regular basis without generating any hard feelings. Michael has called her out for being stubborn and LaCienega considers him dramatic due to his over the top personality but in the end, LaCienega and Michael love each other very much and it shows.

Sticky Webb

Sticky is Michael's best friend and the two have been very close since they were young, much like Penny and Dijonay. Like the latter two, Sticky and Michael's relationship comes with imperfections as Sticky has taken part in bullying and pulling pranks of Michael such as locking him inside of the girls' bathroom due to his effeminate nature which really hurt Michael's feelings, contributing to Michael unleashing his anger on the entire school in "Who You Callin' a Sissy". Despite this, Sticky and Michael are bros for life and Michael carries the torch as the male lead of the friend group in Sticky's absence.

Dijonay Jones

Dijonay and Michael don't interact much for the most part. However, in the original series, she came to Michael's help along with Penny and Zoey. Dijonay also encouraged Michael to not bottle up his feelings, especially when they are hurt, because she doesn't want him going "full candy man" on her or her friends.

In the revival series, Dijonay and Michael are the first to greet Penny in the first episode, and it is clear that they have grown to become close friends. Besides their close friendship, they often throw shade at each other, with Michael somehow always having the last word. From Michael telling her that her hair looks like a wig, to him telling her that her dance skills are basic, and that she acts like she has two left feet.

Michael has more intelligence than Dijonay, often leading them both on different paths. Like when Michael comes along with Penny to comfort Maya and KG because they are getting bullied, while Dijonay was the one to start the uproar of Maya and KG getting bullied. Dijonay also doesn't get the hint at times, leading Michael to take her place in other things. This is shown in Episode 1 of the revival series when Penny tells Dijonay to tell "them" she is here, and doesn't know why, so Michael takes her place.

Even with all the shady comments they throw at each other, they still have a close bond, and don't really mean any harm. So they have a neutral, and sometimes the healthiest, relationship on the show.

Zoey Howzer

Zoey and Michael, like him and Dijonay, don't interact much. But they are obviously on good terms with each other. In "Who You Callin' a Sissy" Zoey was the only one, save Penny, to defend Michael when he got rejected in a very hurtful way. When Michael finally gained the confidence to stand up for himself to bullies, Zoey applauds him.

In the revival series, when Michael first sees Zoey, he has nothing to her, considering she only changed in size, and he awkwardly waits for Penny to say something to her. This shows that even though Michael can make some shady comments to his friends, he has limits on who he throws shade at, and Zoey is one of his only friends that he doesn't playfully insult.

Zoey gets flustered by Michael's supposed superpowers of being able to change his clothes just by unzipping himself, and shows clear surprise, probably wondering if her friend is even human.

Maya Leibowitz-Jenkins

Like all of the girls, Michael is still in the process of getting to know Maya and her brother KG. They are cordial for the most part and have interacted on a limited basis thus far, though they both took part in LaCienega's quinceañera where he labeled her and Dijonay "basics" because he felt they were messing up his choreography (that LaCienega handpicked) by not moving with enough energy.

Tookie Thomas

Tookie Thomas has only appeared in one episode, however it is revealed he too is one of Michael's closest friends. However, Tookie is not always the nicest person and has bullied Michael. Most notably he was the one to call Michael a "sissy" because he was mad about getting beaten by him in basketball. This set off a chain of events where Michael began storing up pent up anger to be unleashed on his closest friends, LaCienega, Sticky and Tookie himself. Tookie faced consequences for his actions and apologized to Michael who was able to forgive him and the two remained friends going forward.

Episode Appearances

The Proud Family
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  • Michael is the first male character to appear on the show as he is lined up at the cheerleading tryouts along Penny, Zoey and other girls.
  • His name is also the first to be spoken on the show before anyone else's as Dijonay says the show's very first line.