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"It's not a party unless LaCienega Boulevardez is there!"
―LaCienega Boulevardez, Rumors
"I love being up front! But of course, I'm Cute!"
―LaCienega Boulevardez, Home School

LaCienega Boulevardez is Penny Proud's arch-rival turned frenemy of Latin descent. She is beautiful, wealthy and has been voted by her peers as the most popular girl in school. She became best known for starting a rumor about Penny and a nerdy boy named Myron Lewinski because she was mad that Penny didn't invite her to a party she threw.

She is voiced by Alisa Reyes.[2][3]

Physical Appearance

LaCienega is a 15-year-old[4] girl of Latin descent. She has shoulder-length dark brown hair, tan brown skin, and peach lips. "Love Thy Neighbor" reveals she has very large feet.

In the original series, she wears a red jacket over a pastel pink shirt, and capri blue jeans. The color of her socks and shoes match those of her shirt and pants respectively.

She also wears a red flower hairclip on her partial root that matches her jacket alongside a red bracelet; usually on her left wrist; but occasionally her right.

In the revival, she appears taller and a bit curvier. Her flower hairclip is now magenta, her top now slightly exposes her midriff, she now wears longer light blue jeans, and high heeled white and red ankle boots that reveals her toes, while also ditching her bracelet.


LaCienega Boulevardez; age 4. (October 1991)

LaCienega Boulevardez was born to Felix and Sunset Boulevardez on April 13, 1987 in Chicago, Illinois' Logan Square neighborhood. Her family moved around a lot in her early life before settling in Smithville (formerly Wizardville) by 1991 when she was four years old. That year, she would meet Dijonay Jones whom she would become good friends with. They briefly attended preschool together as Dijonay stated that she and LaCienega, "Go all the way back to the sandbox!" LaCienega would be separated from Dijonay as her family moved again and they would not see each other again until their last year of middle school. In between that time however, LaCienega struggled in her social life. She also suffered through relentless bullying as a young girl at the hands of her cousin LaBrea Avenúñez who often played cruel pranks on her as a result of jealousy and growing up in a toxic home environment. In elementary school, LaCienega was once a social outcast as she was bullied for her big head and feet. In addition, her family migrated a lot and she constantly transferred schools; so while lots of people know her, she struggled to maintain long-lasting friendships and grew accustomed to spending time alone or with her family. As a result, she became insecure about her body at a very young age, fueling her never-ending desire to be beautiful. In order to rekindle her self-esteem, LaCienega has competed fiercely in a myriad of contests and won them all, helping to build up her her ego.

At age 14, LaCienega and her family moved to their current address across the street from Penny Proud and her family. Penny and LaCienega got off to a bitter start as they were set to compete for a spot on the Willie T Ribbs Racer Cheerleader Squad captained by Dijonay; but in a strange turn of events, LaCienega and her family were invited by Suga Mama over to the Prouds' house for dinner and the whole family hit it off instantly. As a result, LaCienega was forced to embrace Penny becoming a major part of her life through a complicated process. Back then, Penny and LaCienega hated each other but always found themselves stuck together and antagonized each other regularly for fun. During this time, LaCienega was very disrespectful towards Penny but gaslighted her mother Trudy into believing that she was a "extra-sweet" young lady, when in fact, she was arrogant, vain, snobbish, and obnoxious so that she would force Penny to hang out with her.

LaCienega celebrates her quinceañera in the Louder and Prouder episode "Raging Bully", officially making her 15 years old.


In spite of her beauty, LaCienega is overtly narcissistic, but beneath the surface, she's very sensitive and insecure because of the bullying she suffered in her early youth. Born with a competitive spirit inherited from both her parents, LaCienega puts it to good use by winning at beauty pageants, debates, writing contests and more. As a result, she has developed an ego in the place of confidence.

She is very Proud of her good-looks but yet still desperately craves attention.

Despite her conceited exterior, LaCienega is lonely inside and relies heavily on validation from her peers in order to maintain her happiness (and sanity). She is extremely emotional and often comes across as a drama queen even to her own parents. Despite this, LaCienega is very family oriented and works hard to please them. Like Proud, she obeys her parents most of the time, but likes to be sneaky every now and then. She also does chores around the house, such as cooking and cleaning without even being asked. She once cooked for everyone including the Prouds in "Love Thy Neighbor" and even made Penny's lunch.

LaCienega despises chaos as it causes her to freak out. She keeps herself, her room and all of her belongings neat, clean and in order. Penny once described her as "A selfish, spoiled neat freak!" as LaCienega places high value on her material possessions and takes good care of them. She also has a bit of an OCD as she exhibits weird behaviors such as brushing her hair a thousand times, and almost freaking out when Penny was about to touch her dress despite it being in Penny's room. She does, however, do things completely and thoroughly and usually pays very close attention to detail; she is nearly a perfectionist. In addition, she can be picky and mulish which cause her to lash out when things aren't exactly as how she wants. Once, she ended up being the only one of Penny's friends to help clean up after a wild house party in "Tween Town." Like Penny, she is also very productive at school. Aside from competing in beauty contests and the like, LaCienega is a cheerleader, ballerina, writer for The Checkerboard Times and also gets straight A's. She is relatively smart and it shows in her exuberant ability to plan and prepare. During the height of their rivalry, she often seemed to be several steps ahead of Penny.

LaCienega's introverted tendencies are on display at the bowling alley as she chooses to disengage while the other girls are attempting to order their gear.

Contrary to her outward persona, LaCienega is bashful, introverted and her ego serves to mask how delicate she truly is inside. She has a relatively small friend group despite being named "the most popular girl " at school. This is largely due to the fact that she her family moved around and she never had the chance to develop long-lasting friendships in the past, so she became accustomed to spending lots of time alone or with her family. Though LaCienega can be the life of the party, she is very secretive and it takes time for her to open up fully and show her true self. In fact, LaCienega tends to show only pieces of herself to certain people, unlike Penny and Dijonay, who fully express themselves regularly regardless of who's around. Her mind and body are separate as she keeps her true feelings to herself much of the time, though they often leak out through her body language and actions. Sometimes however, she can be brutally honest and say rude things, often having to be corrected by her friends.

Despite her glaring personality flaws, LaCienega is shown to have a good heart, and Penny once implied that she likes LaCienega for who she is. As a young girl, LaCienega was described as a "very nice person, someone you could depend on." She's even shown herself to be empathetic and enjoys helping others at times. She once took it upon herself to check on Papi during his stay at Happy Endings Retirement Resort when no one else seemed to care about him. She has also shown she's capable of being a team player as she and Penny founded an R&B girl-group, LPDZ with Dijonay and Zoey Howzer. She has no issue allowing others to lead at times if she feels that person can be trusted.

However, this does not change the fact that LaCienega is an attention-junkie and often sees herself as the leader of the group which often leaves everyone else feeling frustrated with her antics.

She also has an affinity for babies and is obsessed with Penny's baby brother and sister BeBe and CeCe.

Despite their differences, LaCienega has been a good friend to Penny at times as seen in episodes such as "Hip Hop Helicopter", "Hooray for Iesha", "One in a Million", "The Camp, The Counselor, The Mole and The Rock", and "It takes a Thief"

LaCienega calls the babies "Happy and Nappy" to in order to provoke Penny, who previously had not invited her to her party. Despite this LaCienega gushed over the babies' cuteness.

LaCienega personally greets Penny's baby brother and sister for the first time.

Social Life

LaCienega has a relatively small friend group despite proclaiming herself to be popular. She always hangs out with Dijonay Jones, Zoey Howzer, Sticky Webb, Michael Collins and Maya Leibowitz-Jenkins. Despite her differences with Penny Proud, she enjoys her company overall and more often than not prefers hanging out with her rather than without.

Penny Proud

LaCienega's relationship with Penny is very complicated. They get off to a bitter start when LaCienega is set up to compete against Penny for the last remaining spot on the cheer team on her first day at Willie T. Ribbs Middle School. LaCienega misjudges Penny as a narcissistic diva as she recites the lines, "I'm cute, I'm loud and I got it going on!" for her audition and begins antagonizing her. She initially saw many of Penny's kind gestures as "corny", but later learns that Penny's kindness is in fact genuine after Penny saved her from a prank set up by the Gross Sisters which would have sent her flying sky high during the cheer-off. LaCienega was touched by this as she had been victim of pranks like these in the past done by her cousin LaBrea. Though she still didn't like Proud, she saw good in her and finally decided that she'd give her a chance. Following some major growing pains, LaCienega has grown to develop a deep-seeded liking towards Proud overtime as she learned that she and Penny have a lot in common, which is part of the reason they get into it. As a result, it didn't take much time for them to understand one another well enough to read each other's emotions and communicate non-verbally. Most importantly, LaCienega knows that Penny is someone she can really trust and count on. This is very important because LaCienega developed trust issues growing up as a result of bullying and betrayal which caused her to struggle at forming intimate relationships. Though LaCienega is afraid of vulnerability, she has opened up to Penny in private on multiple occasions which has helped her to feel more comfortable and for Penny to gain a better understanding of her and become more forgiving. However, the presence of Proud still satisfies LaCienega's lust for competition and they both continue to antagonize each other for fun. LaCienega finds herself having more fun when Penny is around than when she is not and typically chooses to invite her around.

Dijonay Jones

Dijonay has known LaCienega longer than anyone else in the group; however with LaCienega's family moving around a lot in her early childhood, she never got the chance to build up as strong of a storied relationship with her the same way Dijonay has with Penny. Dijonay still got to know LaCienega as young girl and pointed out that she was once a sweet girl who was very dependable. But things changed once they got older as LaCienega had been through some rough experiences over the years that cause her to change. Dijonay was shocked to see who LaCienega had become and had to learn to readjust to her new persona. She often encourages LaCienega to do a better job of getting along with Penny so that they can all hang out together peacefully. However, Dijonay brings LaCienega many of the same problems she brings Penny, such as ditching her in key moments and also being a bad influence, encouraging LaCienega to participate in activities that could get her into trouble with her parents. Penny however fails to notice this and believes that Dijonay often takes LaCienega's side over hers although it's usually the other way around.

Zoey Howzer

Despite Zoey's quirky disposition, she and LaCienega are very close. Zoey was the first to give LaCienega a compliment which boosted her ego and helped her to feel more comfortable opening up on her first day at Willie T. Ribbs Middle School. She often acts as LaCienega's side kick in a much similar manner to how Dijonay is with Penny much of the time. They often hang out together without Penny or Dijonay being there. LaCienega is typically annoyed with Zoey's dorkiness however, she has a soft spot for her deep down and wants to see Zoey be more confident in herself. Zoey seems to have access to LaCienega's more empathetic side as she usually picks up on Zoey's emotional energy and tends to nurture her. She tries to uplift Zoey in various ways such as helping to give her a makeover or cracking jokes at Penny's expense just to try and make Zoey laugh. She shows concern for Zoey and is quick to jump to her aid if she feels Zoey is down or in danger. LaCienega likes the color red and seems to like the color of Zoey's hair despite never saying this out loud. Twice they've worn matching red swimsuits to a pool party. Zoey has also become comfortable enough with LaCienega where she will correct LaCienega where she's wrong at times and inspire her to behave more nicely toward others.

Michael Collins

Michael is LaCienega's best male friend and hold a tight-knit bond. In the original series, Michael managed to catch LaCienega at her most vulnerable state and told a joke that made her cry because he simply didn't understand how sensitive she was at the time. However, LaCienega began to grow fond of him and developed a crush on him because of his 'uniqueness' and his skills in fashion design which shows LaCienega is capable of liking someone for what's inside. Besides Zoey, he is arguably her best friend as they also spend quality time together. Initially, LaCienega dragged Michael around with her a lot, similarly to how Penny and Dijonay tend to do with Sticky Webb. However they have developed really good chemistry and are extremely comfortable with each another. They are transparent in their conversations much of the time and despite the fact that they are both trash talkers, they hold no hard feelings against one another. Eventually, Michael came out as homosexual and LaCienega's love interests has shifted elsewhere, though they still remain close.

Sticky Webb

Sticky and LaCienega aren't quite as close, but typically get along well. However, LaCienega has made fun of Sticky for being short which does irritate him from time to time. She seems to support Sticky in the fact that he's often frustrated with Dijonay constantly stalking him. Sticky has been resourceful to LaCienega once as he took part in helping break Papi out of prison at Happy Endings Retirement Resort, a gesture that LaCienega indeed appreciated.

Maya Leibowitz-Jenkins

Maya and LaCienega miraculously formed a friendship at the beginning of The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder due to them both sharing animosity towards Penny Proud. Ironically, Maya wasn't accepting of Penny's friendship because she believed Penny to be stuck-up and superficial which are qualities that LaCienega is better known for, however Maya befriended LaCienega without any of these obstacles. It possibly helps that Maya's adoptive father Barry Leibowitz-Jenkins works closely with LaCienega's mother Sunset as detectives. They also found they had a mutual interest in Makeup Boy and they both pointed out to Penny that she was using her power as an influencer to ruin other peoples' lives. While LaCienega was unable to get through to Penny who "canceled" her, Maya was more effective in that she canceled Penny herself and essentially rescued LaCienega, who had suffered a mental breakdown and locked herself inside of a locker to avoid the pressure surrounding her ruined reputation. For this reason, LaCienega took a liking to Maya and decided to drag her along as a wing-man to help her in getting with Penny's love interest, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Brown. However, Maya starts to gradually be put off by LaCienega's smug disposition and becomes more supportive of Penny in the process.

Episode Appearances

LaCienega has appeared in every episode of the series for the exceptions of the 1999 Pilot, "Seven Days Of Kwanzaa" and "Behind the Family Lines", all in the original series. She has not missed an episode of the revival thus far.

  • Bring It On (first appearance)
  • Strike
  • Rumors
  • Tiger Whisperer
  • EZ Jackster (no lines)
  • Spelling Bee
  • She's Got Game
  • Forbidden Date
  • Teacher's Pet (no lines)
  • Don't Leave Home Without It
  • Makeover
  • The Party
  • I Had a Dream
  • I Love You Penny Proud
  • Puff's Magic Adventure
  • Enter the Bullies
  • The Altos
  • Hip-Hop Helicopter
  • Romeo Must Wed
  • A Star Is Scorned
  • A Hero for Halloween
  • Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thingy, Baby
  • Poetic Justice
  • Hooray for Iesha
  • Camping Trip
  • Crouching Trudy, Hidden Penny
  • Boot Camp
  • One in a Million
  • Tween Town
  • Hmmm... Tastes Like
  • There's Something About Rene
  • Adventures in Bebe Sitting
  • Surf and Turf
  • Johnny Lovely
  • The Camp, the Counselor, the Mole, and the Rock
  • It Takes A Thief
  • Wedding Bell Blues
  • Penny Potter
  • Monkey Business
  • Thelma and Luis
  • Election
  • Culture Shock
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • Smack Mania 6: Mongo vs. Mama's Boy
  • Suga Mama's Believers
  • Twins to Tweens
  • Who You Callin' a Sissy?
  • Psycho Duck
  • The Proud Family Movie
  • New Kids on the Block
  • Bad Influence(r)
  • It All Started With an Orange Basketball
  • Father Figures
  • Snackland
  • Get In
  • When You Wish Upon a Roker
  • Home School
  • Raging Bully
  • Old Towne Road - Part I (Cameo)



  • She is voiced by Alisa Reyes (star of Nickelodeon's All That).
  • LaCienega (alongside Maya in Louder and Prouder) is the only female member of her friend group to wear pants while the others wear skirts.
  • In "Love Thy Neighbor", it is revealed that LaCienega has big duck-like feet, which makes her a fast swimmer, and that she seems to wear water shoes when she goes to the beach or to the pool. She is somehow also able to wear regular-sized shoes.
    • ​However, there are four episodes that show her feet to be normal size instead of big
      1. ​ In "Hip Hop Helicopter", her feet are shown to be normal size when she wore platform sandals as part of her outfit and unlike the other three, wore a dress that fully covered her stomach for LPDZ's first performance .
      2. In "Psycho Duck", when Penny saved Chester from drowning, her feet are shown to be small.
      3. In Crouching Trudy, Hidden Penny her feet are small when she and the other take karate class.
      4. In A Star Is Scorned her feet are small when she wears sandals while on tour.
    • However, in The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder episode Raging Bully the concept idea of her big feet was returned. They were also referenced earlier in "Father Figures", and a flashback from "Love Thy Neighbor"" where her feet are revealed to the gym class is shown.
  • Ironically, LaCienega has been a better friend to Penny than Dijonay on several occasions. A notable example is in "The Camp, the Counselor, the Mole and the Rock" where LaCienega offered Penny her breath mints and lip gloss so that she wouldn't have bad breath if she got a chance to kiss Tory. In that same episode, LaCienega covered for Penny as promised when Oscar Proud stormed in to withdraw her from camp and ground her while Dijonay eagerly sold Penny out. Zoey and LaCienega were visibly frustrated with Dijonay's ineptitude afterwards.
  • Zoey and LaCienega are exceptionally close despite LaCienega being popular and Zoey being geeky where they have spent quality time together away from Penny and Dijonay and seemed to have bonded over the fact that unlike the latter pair, they don't have any siblings. LaCienega does continue to show frustration with Zoey's awkwardness throughout the series. They are also the two most emotionally intelligent in the group. Maybe this has to do LaCienega finding so much joy in grooming Zoey's hair in "Makeover".
  • LaCienega is the only main character to be absent in Seven Days Of Kwanzaa, though her father appears briefly near the end.
  • LaCienega is absent again in Behind the Family Lines; this time her mother is the only Boulevardez to appear.
  • It has been noted by fans that LaCienega somehow must have been based off of Sly Fox, the wicked stepmother from HBO's Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child (another Hyperion production where the show's creator directed) episode, Snow White. It is unknown if this resemblance is accidental or intentional.
  • In the revival, she turns 15 years old in "Raging Bully", making her a year older than the average grade curriculum in middle school.


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