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"Home School" is the eighth episode of The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder. It premiered on April 6, 2022, on Disney+.[1]


Penny inadvertently gets her homeless teacher, Ms. Hill, fired. To right her wrong, Penny starts a fundraiser. Zoey turns to Uncle Bobby to learn the ways of the Funk.


At school, Dijonay warns everyone to hide their phones so that Ms. Hill doesn't take them away. Upon entering the classroom, their new substitute teacher grabs a piece of chalk, and purposely makes it sqeak as she writes her name. LaCienega tries unsuccessfully to get out of class by faking she's sick and needing to go to the nurse. But Ms. Hill is quick to point out that the school has no nurse as a result of the last wave of budget cuts. Ms. Hill then hands out pop quizes for Penny's health class. Unfortunately, in Penny trying to stand up for Dijonay, Ms. Hill gives everyone in her class detention.

Later that day, Trudy asks Oscar when he is serving dinner, as BeBe and CeCe are hungry, and he is still not done. When Penny arrives from school, Oscar asks her why she doesn't have the chicken with her. But as it turns out, Penny left her cell phone at school. In order to retrieve it, Penny goes on Wizard Prime and orders a night crawler stealth suit, which is delivered to her window via drone. The suit comes with at least two modes, stealth mode and tarantula mode. As she is sneaking out, Oscar checks his phone, and realizes someone used his credit card to buy something off Wizard Prime. Suga Mama laughs as she's surprised that the transaction even went through.

Using pillbug mode, Penny is able to get through the infrared security at the school. She then uses the suit's Kevin Heart mode, to make herself small enough to get through the door into her health classroom. On her way, she gets stuck on a piece of bubblegum that was on the floor. She uses The Rock Mode to get out of it, and then quickly switches to glam mode. She sucessfully retrieves her phone, but thanks the suit's x-ray goggles, she sees that that Ms. Hill is still in school after hours. Ms. Hill is in her pjs, and has put on an avocado mask as she is making herself something to eat in the teacher's lounge. Unbeknowst to her, Penny uses her suit to take pictures of her teacher looking foolish.

At school the next day, Penny tries to tell her friend what she saw the night before, but gets interrupted when Zoe comes to their table. She ends up telling them that she was voted drum major. Everyone begins to congragulate her, but she tells them that the reason she plays the flute is so she stays invisible. Now she has to be up front, where everyone will see her. At first, her friends don't believe her that she can't dance, but they realize she is telling the truth, when she actually tries to dance and fails spectacularly.

Eventually, Penny tells her friends about seeing Ms. Hill at school after hours, and shows them the pictures she took. Penny, then mentions how she believes Ms. Hill is homeless. They all feel bad for her, and Penny has them swear that none of them will tell anybody else about this.

At Suga Mama's house, Penny and Zoe meet up with Uncle Bobby for her dance lessons. While there, Penny's phone rings with an alert, and she finds out that Ms. Hill has been fired for squatting in the teacher's lounge. Bobby realizes she went to prom with Ms. Hill, whose first name is Lisa.

At lunch the next day, Penny can't believe the pictures leaked about Ms. Hill living in school. But quickly finds out that Dijonay was the one who spilled the beans to Principal Hightower in order to clear up her family's school lunch debt.

In order to teach Zoe to dance, Bobby, takes his record player and vynil and has her listen to Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative".

At the Proud household, Penny arrives with Ms. Hill and convinces her mom to let her teacher stay since she is homeless. Eventually, a stressed out Penny tells her friends she regrets having Ms. Hill live with them and wants to get rid of her. With KG's help, the kids set up a donation page to support Ms. Hill. But two hours later, and not a single donation has come through. Later, at the school assembly she tries to get some donations, bt no one wants to help.

Eventually, with a last minute pep talk from Uncle Bobby, Zoe is able to nail her drum major solo. KG's uses this opportunity to have people tricked to donate money for Ms. Hill. Which goes splendidly when Zoe goves viral.

Bobby and Lisa rekindle their relationship and take a vacation together with the money the kids raised for her.



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