“Forbidden Date”
Season 1, Episode 8
Air Date

November 2, 2001


Dana Hali


Douglas McCarthy

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"Forbidden Date" is the eighth episode in season 1 of The Proud Family. It first aired on November 2, 2001.


Penny breaks her father's no-dating rule when she goes to the amusement park and pairs up with a boy named Carlos. Elsewhere, her parents go on a double date to a day spa.

Episode Summary

Breaking her fathers "no-dating rule", Penny goes with her friends to the amusement park. She ends up with an un-popular, overweight boy named Carlos. Penny thought that Carlos would be a nerd, but ended up being a very caring person and saves Bebe and Cece's lives. Meanwhile, Oscar and Felix refuse to go to a day spa with their wives, until they notice the sexy nurse who escorts them into their room. The nurse tells them to get ready for a "good, old fashioned rub down", and they believe it means they will both get to sleep with her, but their happiness is cut short when they realize that they are with Dr. Payne instead. Even though Penny gets grounded in the end Oscar allows Penny to continue to see Carlos so he won't eat all of their food and gives her permission to start dating when she turns 16.

Memorable Quotes

Penny: Daddy, I don't get it! You always tell me to grow up! But when I try, you treat me like a little kid! You guys don't let me do anything!

Oscar: My young daughter is too young to go on a date with you or anybody else.



  • Kel Mitchell (voice of Carlos) and Alisa Reyes (voice of LaCienega) are both former cast members of "All That".
  • Kel Mitchell would later have a recurring role on "One On One," a series that stars Kyla Pratt.


  • In this episode when Oscar and Felix were at the spa, Felix's feet weren't big, but in "Love Thy Neighbor," they were huge and I don't think they would grow that big.
  • Dijonay was with the guy with blonde hair and LaCienega was with Nick, who Penny was suppose to be with until LaCienega took him after tricking Penny into checking on BeBe and CeCe, but when Penny and Carlos ran to take their seats on the roller coaster, Dijonay and LaCienega sat with different boys they weren't with respectively.

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The Proud Family - Forbidden Date

The Proud Family - Forbidden Date

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