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Fifteen "15" Cent is a rapper and Penny Proud's love-interest in The Proud Family Movie. He is the cousin of Sticky.


He is around the age of Penny and her friends and has brown braids. He has a gem in one of his front teeth and wears a cap that references his name, as it has a cent symbol on it and a jersey. He also has black eyes.


Fifteen was looking for backup dancers for a halftime show at the Wizard Kelly Stadium. Penny Proud and her friends auditioned, but the choreographer did not give them the job. Fifteen, having feelings for Penny, overruled the choreographer and gave them the job. He then asked Penny if he could drive her home.

After arriving at the Proud house, Penny assumes that Fifteen wants to kiss her and confronts him about his exploits featured in Dreamy Teen Magazine. He assures her that the tabloid was printing lies, and Penny kisses him. However, when Oscar Proud, Penny's overprotective father, finds them kissing, he gets upset.

Later in the film, after Penny and her friends save the stadium from the evil Dr. Carver clone, Fifteen lets Penny and her friends take over the halftime show.


  • Fifteen's nickname for Penny is Ponytail.
  • His name is a reference to 50 Cent and his appearance seems to take inspiration from a young Lil Bow Wow and Romeo.