Enter The Bullies is a episode of The Proud Family.

After getting tired of The Gross Sisters taking money from them, Penny has the school principle punish them but slips her name out which makes Penny get targeted by them as an act of retaliation. When Penny Trudy and Oscar go to the Gross Sisters house, Oscar sees the same car that cuted in front of him on the road pull in. When he approached the car, he yells at the driver without thinking oly for the driver to get out and slap his face off. Eventually, Penny was able to get the Gross Sisters to understand how they can handle assorting the money they have and later, Oscar returns to the Gross Family house in a much more cooperative mood to inform Father Gross that their daughters at school are getting along now, he was hoping that they can both set a good example and Gross agrees that they gotta do it for the kids.


  • When the boy begs for porridge He carries an orange bowl but when the Gross Sister gets up the boy's orange bowl turns into light green color.
  • Before Father Gross smacks off Oscar's face, his car was green instead of red.