Crandall Smythe is Oscar Proud's long-time rival who holds a grudge against him for beating him in a Spelling Bee in which he believes Oscar he cheated back in 1977[1].


One day when Oscar runs into Crandall in the lobby of the Wizard Kelly Theater, he taunts him and calls him a loser and mocks him for his loss, causing Crandall to quit his job as a janitor and makes his son Timothy quit to so that he can get him into the Spelling Bee contest and beat Penny Proud as a way to get back at Oscar for his insults.

Next day, he and his son were at the Wizard Kids Learning Center telling Oscar he was no longer working at the theater. When the clerk mentioned he had only one brain power increaser left, he and Oscar fought recklessly over the toy and broke it!

On the night of the spelling bee, he was hoping that his son would win but when security caught Timothy cheating by Oscar's call, he was disqualified leaving Crandall shocked with dishonesty. After Penny won the Spelling Bee, he congratulates her and admitted to Oscar that he has a real winner on his side because of his son cheating. But when Penny says she cheated, Crandall, Oscar, and Mr. Chang start fighting over the trophy like crazies.



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