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"Bring It On" is the first episode in season 1 of The Proud Family. It first aired on September 15, 2001.


When the rich new Boulevardez family moves in across from the Prouds, they all hit it off right away except for the daughters Penny and LaCienega, who are competing at school for a spot on cheerleading squad, captained by their friend Dijonay Jones.

Episode Summary

As Penny is being announced the newest member of the Willie T. Ribbs Racer Cheerleaders, an old friend of her best friend Dijonay, whose name is unknown, shows up unexpectedly. Dijonay lets her try out and she Penny tie legs. Behind Dijonay's back, LaCienega taunts Penny and Penny fires back. Presented with a difficult decision which tests her loyalty, Dijonay schedules a cheer-off between them. After a rough day, Penny is finally able to go home where she can feel safe and secure only to find out that not only will she be seeing LaCienega at school, but she is now her neighbor. Her grandmother invites them over for dinner without her son's prior approval and Penny has no time to prepare herself mentally. For the most part, things turn out well; Trudy makes bonds with LaCienega's mother, Sunset. Oscar makes friends with LaCienega's father, Felix. Suga Mama begins to fall in love with LaCienega's grandfather, Papi despite his underhanded insults and Penny ends up promising her mother not to hold a grudge against LaCienega after she leaves a good impression on the family while continuing to claw at Penny while nobody else is watching. Meanwhile, Oscar plans a "camping trip" (to watch a television) in Felix's home theater. The next day, Penny apologizes to LaCienega for how things had gone and attempts to call a truce. But LaCienega rudely rejects her advances, passing them off as "corny". To make matters worse, LaCienega completely reverses this behavior as soon as their other friends arrive and becomes inviting of Penny only for Penny to angrily reject LaCienega's advances as they clearly were not genuine by this point. Unfortunately the others only get to see Penny's angry reaction but miss the part where LaCienega had just been rude to her seconds earlier making Penny looking like the rude one. Penny then leaves and drags "Sticky" to go eat with the Gross Sisters. While talking to the Gross Sisters, Penny expresses insecurities in her friendship with Dijonay and begins accusing her of favoring LaCienega over her. After school, The Gross Sisters kidnap Sticky for two days forcing him to design a plan to help Penny win. Despite their intentions being good, the Gross Sisters order Sticky to pull a dangerous prank involving the construction of chain reaction course which converts an outdoor dancing stage into a gigantic spinning disk. Sticky runs to warn Penny about the Gross Sisters plan and is initially okay with it until she learns just how unethical it actually is. So reluctantly, Penny rushes to go rescue LaCienega who is completely unaware of what's about to happen. LaCienega continues to be difficult causing Penny to have to literally force her off stage. Once LaCienega realizes something strange is happening she reluctantly trusts Penny and steps off finally, however Penny is unable to make it off in time and spins away into space as LaCienega watches in a bit of shock. Penny is severely injured which meant that LaCienega would win by default. Deep down LaCienega feels conviction and takes it upon herself to approach Penny to thank her for her sacrifice, she finally develops a soft spot for Penny but still carries herself with arrogance. Despite LaCienega's gratitude actually being genuine this time, Penny is unable to tell and rudely says, "It's the least you can do." as LaCienega had already left a terrible taste in her mouth earlier and no longer trusts her. LaCienega is offended and is rude back towards Penny triggering Penny to attack her; however her injuries prevent her from doing so. This ends up being the first time Dijonay actually witnesses LaCienega being mean to Penny and she apologizes that she was unaware because the LaCienega she previously knew was a "very nice person, someone you could depend on." While being completely difficult to believe, Penny reminded Dijonay that it's been a long time and that she should realize that LaCienega like most people has changed over the years. Penny then asks Dijonay who she would've chosen had she not gotten hurt to which Dijonay avoids the answer, frustrating Penny.

Memorable Quotes

Penny: I'm sorry Let's be cool, okay?
LaCienega: Save it, cornball! I'm already cool by myself... And you house... STINKS!

Suga Mama: I told you to ditch that Dijonay!

Sticky: LaCienaga is going to la luna. I believe LaCienaga will be singing "I Believe I Can Fly." She'll be fly, but it won't be funny.



  • This episode was not advertised on Disney Channel and aired before the scheduled premiere date.
  • This episode was the fifth episode to be produced, but it aired first.
  • The Proud Family was originally presented to Paramount's Nickelodeon. When they passed it over, Disney Channel picked it up instead.
  • The only episode that premiered on Saturday. The other episodes aired on a Friday, starting with Strike (Friday, September 21, 2001.)


  • When Oscar leaves the house, he is wearing a suit. When he comes home, he is in normal clothes.
  • When Oscar is sneaking out, the sound of the door slamming plays before the door shuts.
  • Once Trudy asks Penny about her day at cheerleading practice while watching a television, her pants were colored the same as her shirt.

Cultural References

  • LaCienega and Sunset Boulevardez: Names
    • LaCienega and Sunset Blvd. are streets in Los Angeles.
  • Episode Title: Bring It On
    • This is a reference to the 2000 film "Bring It On" which is about cheerleaders .
  • Sticky: I believe LaCienega will be singing "I Believe I Can Fly."
    • "I Believe I Can Fly" is a popular 1996 song by R. Kelly.