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Robert Jackson "Bobby" Proud is Oscar's funk rock hip-hop older brother.

Bobby carries a combination microphone/amplifier everywhere he goes as he is also a small-time singing celebrity. He has sung songs like "Dysfunctional", which he even did as a music video. Bobby also owns a car which can transform into a mailbox. When he speaks, he does it as if singing everything he says.

Physical Appearance

Bobby is a middle aged African-American man with a similar tall height and thin build like his brother, Oscar. In the original series, His default attire mainly consists of wearing a 70s disco-funk styled white and pink sequined polyester jumpsuit, magenta slippers, and his puffy afro wrapped around a pink bandana.

In the revival, Bobby's redesign ditches the 70s look for a early 90s hip-hop and new jack swing influence by wearing a black tank top, black bead necklace with pink and white parachute pants. He still keeps the magenta slippers, but now his afro has become a two-tone, hi-top fade while retaining the bandana. He also has visible ears.




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