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Love Robin Love Robin 11 September 2019



I'm one of two admins here on . Neither of us are Bureaucrats. Which has been fine up until now.

NOW, with the introduction of the OFFICIAL Wikis program, where franchise owning companies can consider wikis to have their Official Blessings, we have a chance to Step up our game a bit and make this wiki not just great, gut Official.

So now we need at least one Bureaucrat, so I'll be asking Staff for the additional Rights.

This blog is your chance to voice opinions, concerns, feedback, and/or objections and will be open of the next week.

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Deangelomywayentfans Deangelomywayentfans 25 January 2014

Adoption for a Wiki

I'm Deangelomywayentfans I'm here to adopt The Proud Family Wiki and Blocked any user to remove any content from pages will be banned forever

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