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Benjamin Jackson "BeBe" & Cecilia Nicole "CeCe" Proud are Penny's troublemaking one-year-old siblings.


They love Penny very much, but at points they play too roughly with her. They are often seen playing with Puff, and most of the time, Puff ends up getting injured. In Louder and Prouder, the two of them are aged into toddlers from babies for the show; but haven't been potty trained yet. However, they can now talk as big kids.


BeBe is a boy with an afro (his eyes have never seen) and always has a bottle in his mouth within a orange shirt, while CeCe is a girl with brown hair and a pink dress with pigtails. BeBe is the older (aged before on time) twin. They all wear diapers.

In the revival, CeCe now has a full head of hair like Trudy's but in Suga Mama's style. She also wears a pink ballerina dress, a matching headband with a rose and white stockings. BeBe now wears purple shorts (diaper with the zipper open), alongside the same shirt (that reveals his stomach), along with one sock on his right foot.

In "Twins to Tweens", CeCe has a longer ponytail and a crop top within jeans while BeBe wears a sports jersey.


  • BeBe may also be named after the 1992 animated film Bébé's Kids, which was created by the same team that created the show. Also, CeCe resembles the character Pee-Wee from BeBe's Kids.
  • BeBe resembled his father when the latter was younger.
  • BeBe and CeCe are namesakes of the gospel music brother and sister duo, BeBe & CeCe Winans.